Please find detailed below a number of small changes we will be making to our football feeds in the new year. The planned release date for these changes is Tuesday 19th January.

Matchday Manager (F7/8/9)

Description of change: The F7/8/9 feed will now reflect when a team manager is not in charge of a particular game and has been replaced by another member of their coaching staff. This will be shown in the feed with the addition of a “Matchday Manager” attribute.

This will be used if a manager is not listed on the official team sheet and would be used in examples such as a stadium ban, an injury or illness.

Sample feeds: F7 F8 F9

Adding extra-time score into the F50 feed

Description of change: To make it easier for customers to work out the final score of a game which has gone into extra time, we will be adding an extra “AETScore” element into the F50 feed.

Sample feeds: Game which finishes in extra time   Game which goes to extra time and penalties


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